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Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Demo & Review | Merriam Pianos



#RolandFP30 #Roland #DigitalPiano

● Get the Roland FP-30 HERE ▸
● See More Roland Digital Pianos HERE ▸
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Famous Roland Sound & Touch, in a Compact, Affordable Package

If you’re looking for a piano that’s an affordable in-home option, OR that’s going to stand up to regular professional use, all for a surprisingly low price, the Roland FP-30 might be the perfect piano for you. With sensitive, well-balanced action, and Roland’s trade-mark durability, the Roland FP-30 Digital Piano will satisfy even the most seasoned professional on stage, rehearsal space, or even as a studio input keyboard.

The Roland FP-30 is a part of Roland’s FP series, which also includes the Roland FP-10, Roland FP-60, and Roland FP-90. So why choose the FP-30 over the other three options? Several reasons, if they apply to you:

● Weight. The Roland FP 30 is only marginally heavier than the FP10, but packs a more powerful speaker, a more advanced action, and a much wider array of sounds and functions
● Price. It’s ⅓ the cost of the Roland FP-90, about 40% less than the Roland FP-60, and only a few hundred more than the FP10
● Features. Although the hands-on controls aren’t as advanced as what you get on the Roland FP-60, by and large it has the same types of functions, including the BlueTooth connectivity, transpose, split, 2-layer sounds, and basic sound editing and effects.
● Action. Ivory touch, escapement, and Roland’s rock-solid key action. Enough said.

“Stu’s Notes”

“I’ve used the Roland FP 30 in several professional settings, and my impression is that for people who’s primary needs center around great feel and a solid piano or e-piano tone, the FP30 is hard to beat for the price. It’s onboard speakers are sufficient – but of course can always be sent through an amp to beef it up – and it’s not trying to be an arranger or full stage piano…just a light, affordable way to haul around something that feels and sounds good. I’m never disappointed to see one in a rehearsal room or a corner of a stage.”

Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Features:

● Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine
● PHA-4 Standard 88-note keybed with escapement and ivory-feel key tops
● Onboard 22W stereo amplifier and speakers serve up rich, robust sound
● Headphone output lets you play at any time without disturbing others
● Compact and lightweight for easy transport
● Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you use the FP-30 with popular apps
● Dual and split modes for duets and self accompaniment
● Broad selection of non-piano sounds, including strings, voices, organ, drums, and more
● Twin Piano mode lets student and teacher play side by side in identical octave range
● USB-to-device memory slot lets you:
● Save songs recorded with built-in SMF recorder
● Play along with favorite songs in WAV or SMF format
● USB-to-host port lets you connect with your computer

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